Why PeakBody CoolSculpting

Why choose PeakBody for your CoolSculpting treatment? We’ve got 6 reasons that’ll make you want to call for a consultation ASAP.

REASON #1: CoolSculpting is ALL we do. 

CoolSculpting is not only our specialty – it is ALL we do. As the old saying goes, we don’t want to be “a jack of all trades, master of none.” So many times you’ll see offices advertising a laundry list of services, offering up cosmetic procedures and CoolSculpting specials like items on a fast food menu.  This isn’t us. We are masters in our field, offering our clients the absolute best service, experience and expertise in the field of CoolSculpting. 

Removing fat with CoolSculpting technology can be an amazing life-changing experience with results that will last forever. It is crucial to choose a provider that understands all of the intricacies, nuances and most up-to-date information about CoolSculpting technology so that your body is treated right, the first time. At PeakBody, we live and breathe CoolSculpting technology and have a proven track record of clients who have successfully transformed their lives and bodies through CoolSculpting fat removal. Because we specialize in CoolSculpting (and nothing more) it has allowed us to focus on the latest and most advance techniques that will get you the absolute best results available, from the start. PeakBody is THE BEST choice when it comes to CoolSculpting technology, with more than 3,200 successful treatments performed to date. 

REASON #2: We’re the best.

There’s a reason we’re the #1 CoolSculpting provider in Westchester – we deliver results that our clients love! It’s because of our amazing clients that in 2015 we became the top CoolSculpting treatment provider in Scarsdale – and our success only grew from there. We became a top provider by doing things right  and by delivering results that our clients talk to their friends and family about. We say, “We aren’t the best because we’re the busiest, we’re the busiest because we’re the best.”

REASON #3: We give our clients RESULTS. 

Our #1 priority at PeakBody is to give our clients the bodies they deserve, through the use of CoolSculpting technology. When our clients look in the mirror, they’re motivated by the results they see. CoolSculpting, for so many of our clients, is the nudge that gets them to make better lifestyle and diet choices – and we pride ourselves in the lifelong transformation that CoolSculpting at PeakBody provides. We too, are motivated by the results our clients get. 

Even from the beginning, we focus on the results you can expect and how we’ll achieve them together. We meet with each and every potential client to give them a consultation and personalized plan before treatment begins. Our clients fully understand what they’re getting into when they decide to invest in a CoolSculpting procedure at PeakBody. We offer the Peak Promise so all you have to lose is unwanted fat!

REASON #4: Our staff is top-notch. 

Once you’ve decided on CoolSculpting, the absolute most important consideration is to have your treatment performed by a technician who understands what they’re doing – and we’ve got that handled. At PeakBody, your assessment and treatment will be performed by an experienced technician who knows all the in-and-outs of CoolSculpting technology including the latest and most effective techniques and all of the latest developments in applicator technology. Our technicians are the best-of-the-best in the field. CoolSculpting corporate refers to PeakBody as the Center of Excellence, a title which we are very honored to behold. And we’ve earned it. Our staff is second to none when it comes to experience in this technology. We’ve clocked thousands of hours in on the job training from the thousands of successful treatments we’ve performed. Each of our CoolSculpting providers is a graduate of CoolSculpting University (CSU). Additionally, we attend continuing education courses with CSU.

REASON #5: Our client experience is luxurious.

Your experience is always at the top of our mind. We want your time with us to be a pampering experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle all of your post-CoolSculpting goals. That’s why our entire office is impeccably clean, organized and tidy – so we spend our time focusing on you. Our treatment rooms are also focused on your comfort, offering spa-like serenity with a luxurious massage bed and large flat screen tv featuring complimentary Netflix or Hulu.  When you’re with us we want you to feel comfortable and pampered. 

REASON #6: We can Dual-Sculpt. 

CoolSculpting is our specialty and, as such, it has allowed us to focus on all of the latest and greatest technologies available only to popular providers. At PeakBody we are able to offer our clients DualSculpting, which allows four different areas of the body to be targeted at once. This technology cuts down on treatment time significantly, streamlining treatment for people who know they have multiple problem zones and want to see them all corrected at once. DualSculpting is not something every facility can provide. We are able to provide our clients with DualSculpting because we have four machines and multiple applicators that make it possible. If DualSculpting is something you are interested in particularly, then PeakBody is the absolute best choice for you – though, PeakBody is the best choice for anyone looking to CoolSculpt.