CoolSculpting For Men

For Men

FACT: 25% of our clients are Men. 

That’s right. A quarter of the clients we treat at PeakBody are male.

The truth about CoolSculpting and men

Men dislike their stubborn body fat as much as women. This is certain. CoolSculpting is a solution for men who want to target stubborn areas like the double chin, love handles and chest. And we are the absolute best place for getting our male clients the results they deserve, transforming ‘dad bods’ into ‘hot bods’.

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Here’s why our male clients trust us

At PeakBody we cater to both men and women – never one sex over the other. We have a list of amenities that serve our male clientele, which we’ll talk about further in just a minute. We know that men who walk into a women-centered facility often walk out feeling like CoolSculpting is not for them. Men don’t feel comfortable in women-focused facilities and even feel embarrassed when consulting with them – because those places have done a poor job at relaying the fact that CoolSculpting is for men just as much as it’s for women. We not only live by this mantra, we have created an entire space for men to let them know that we cater to them.

PeakBody For Men

At PeakBody we know the power of CoolSculpting and how it transforms the lives of our male clientele. This is why we created PeakBody For Men.

While men are getting their stubborn, unwanted fat frozen off, they can have a cold drink; relax in a comfortable chair and watch movies or sports a  big screen tv. We also have Wi-Fi available in the rooms. Our For Men room is an example of how we cater to all of our clients at PeakBody. Click to find out if you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting.

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