What is Coolsculpting?

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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring procedure that relies on a patented technology to remove fat cells from your body by freezing them. The procedure has been performed nearly 8 million times worldwide, in over 80 countries. With over 100 peer-reviewed studies attesting to its efficacy, CoolSculpting stands out as a scientifically safe and effective means of eliminating fat and producing a desired, contoured look. 

Being non-invasive, CoolSculpting requires almost no downtime for recovery, no anesthesia, no pain-killers for weeks afterward. Its purpose is to help people who struggle with exercise-resistant fat or unfavorable genetics, and cannot get to their desired look easily. It enables you to target fat and reshape your body in ways that you otherwise would not, so that you can look and feel your best. 

If asked, most people would indicate several areas where they would like to remove some unwanted fat. The professionals at PeakBody understand how you feel, and we’ve been able to perform thousands (3200+) of CoolSculpting treatments on body-conscious people just like you. CoolSculpting is great for people who are putting in the work trying to lose weight and yet not seeing ideal results, or for those who are struggling to get motivated, and just need a little incentive to get going. No matter your age, background, or gender, CoolSculpting can help you achieve your desired outcome by eliminating extra fat, permanently. And unlike many dietary measures, it gives you the ability to choose what fat to remove.

Not all CoolSculpting clinics deserve your trust. Just because a clinic has a doctor and a CoolSculpting machine does not mean you can count on them to do a good job when resculpting your body. The human body is a work of art, and although the CoolSculpting process is 75% science, the 25% artistry is also very important. The wrong practitioner can ruin your physique, or cause health issues for you moving forward. You can learn more about botched CoolSculpting procedures here.

What’s the Difference between Cryolipolysis and CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a patented process that uses cryolipolysis to destroy fat cells. Cryolipolysis is simply the process whereby fat cells are destroyed following their exposure to cold. Because fat cells die at a higher temperature than other cells (skin cells for example), a PeakBody practitioner can operate a CoolSculpting machine to perform cryolipolysis on your body, i.e. destroying your unwanted fat cells by freezing them. Then, over the next few days, the body will break down those cells and eliminate them over a 2 to 4 month period. So CoolSculpting is proprietary, whereas cryolipolysis is a scientific term. But the terms refer to the same process.

How does Coolsculpting destroy fat cells?

PeakBody uses a special applicator to chill down your unwanted fat cells to around -9ᐤC, and keep them at that temperature for approximately 35 to 75 minutes. This low temperature will kill many of the fat cells, but it won’t harm your nerve, skin, or muscle cells. After freezing the fat, a two-minute massage will further damage the fat cells. Over the next 2 or 3 days, the cells will break down, and the body will spend the next two to four months disposing of the fat. Because the skin is not damaged in this process, it will not sag or appear loose. After the fat disappears, the new, sculpted you remains. And the results are permanent.

You might be thinking: What if I get fat again? A little known fact about fat cells is that after the age of 13 or so, your body stops making them. The fat cells you have however, can expand or shrink, depending on how much fat your body needs to store. So if you were to kill off and remove a large number of them, you would not have as many cells to store extra calories in. You might gain size in the areas where the fat remains, but not in the areas where it was removed. That’s why the process is called Cool-Sculpting; it affords you the opportunity to change your body to make it closer to the way you envision it.

What Happens to a Fat Cell after CoolSculpting?

fat cells

Your body has a fixed number of fat cells that get bigger or smaller as you gain or lose weight.

fat cells

When you have the CoolSculpting treatment, fat cells freeze and start to die off.

fat cells

During the process of cell death, fat cells begin to collapse.

fat cells

Over the months that follow your procedure, other cells consume the dead fat cells, which are naturally processed and eliminated from the body.

Which areas of the Body can be Targeted for Fat Reduction using CoolSculpting?

Over time, the FDA has granted more and more clearances for CoolSculpting to be used on specific body parts. Initially, only the stomach and love handles could be addressed. Since then, newer applicators have enabled us to target many more areas, including the back, the chest, the chin, the upper arms, the bra line, inner and outer thigh, the butt, and distal thighs (knees). With so many options, there are endless possibilities for sculpting your body into the body you want. 

PeakBody is among the top providers of CoolSculpting in Westchester. We maintain our assortment of the latest and greatest applicators, to ensure that you have every possible option when seeking this procedure. Because of our reputation as a leader in the industry, manufacturers often send us the newest equipment to try out, including  applicators not yet available through medical supply wholesalers. This is necessary, as it enables manufacturers to get critical feedback from the consumer, as well as the medical professionals who use it. The end result is a better product, one that is more effective at cryolipolysis, and thus, more happy customers. 

CoolSculpting is here to stay. There are many people out there who want more control of their own look, and CoolSculpting is too effective at achieving one’s goals, given the low risk. If you have additional questions about cryolipolysis or our equipment, feel free to reach out to our team and ask us. You can also visit our frequently asked questions page here.


coolsulpting treatment
coolsulpting treatment

Our clients have zero time for nonsense. They appreciate that Peak Body has decided to be the master of one procedure, CoolSculpting, versus offering a variety of products and services haphazardly. Our clients love that we have multiple machines (this allows us to treat multiple body parts at one time), spa like rooms (so they can sit back relax and freeze their fat), an incredibly caring, thoughtful, professional, highly trained, and compassionate staff (because your experience is of paramount important) and the expertise needed to take you from where you are to where you want to be (because your body is our business)! Click HERE to see what our clients have to say or visit our google page.

Am I a Candidate for CoolSculpting?

One important thing to remember about working on one’s own body is that your body is neither good nor bad. Each person has a different body, and each of us has to have our own relationship with our body. We can love it or hate it, and we can love or hate any part of it. It’s our choice.

CoolSculpting is not a solution to a psychological problem such as low self-esteem. It is, however, a tool. In the same way that a person can change or augment the way they look by putting on makeup, CoolSculpting is another tool in the bag of anyone who wants to make changes to the way they look, to project the form of themselves that they most wish to share with the world. CoolSculpting does not judge you for who you are or were; it simply empowers you to present yourself as you want to be seen! 

Understanding this concept means that it doesn’t really matter how much fat you have, or what body type you have. You can still make changes, large or small, which are noticeable. This is true whether you are just starting to make changes to yourself, or have been at it for a while. Perhaps you have been working out and like your results, but you just want to see a bit more progress in certain areas. Combining CoolSculpting with weight loss empowers you to stay motivated, while helping you attain some truly lasting changes. The effect of this can be liberating and transformative; you can see yourself as a new person, and enjoy the fruit of your effort.

What do our Clients Love about choosing PeakBody?

Most of our clients are discerning professionals; they have no time for games, particularly in an area as personal as body image. They tend to value our commitment to mastering only one medical procedure, while our competition might offer other products or services. Because we have multiple machines, we can address multiple body parts at one time, which is critical for providing value for our clients. Our patrons also like the relaxing spa-like environment, which enables them to sit back and relax during the procedure.

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But the star of our show is truly our friendly staff. Though highly trained and professional, it is critical that each of our team members also demonstrate a caring and sensitive touch. Many of our clients are sensitive about their appearance, and it is critical to employ a staff who understands how to respect people and instill confidence, while inspiring them with a vision of how their lives are going to change for the better. The importance of our team to our success cannot be understated.

Is CoolSculpting Right for Me?

Only you can answer this question. Hopefully by this point in the page, we have communicated to you how versatile and effective this simple procedure can be for shaping your body into the body that you want. Many of our customers come to us at their wit’s end, unable to lose the fat that has dogged them for years in key areas. If you are ready to try something new, prepare to be amazed. There are a few rare medical conditions that can be problematic for some potential patients. We have included a short questionnaire to assess your viability as a candidate for this procedure; you can fill out the questionnaire here.

We also have a short video which can educate you on the procedure, as well as the potential problems that might arise if you have certain complicating medical conditions. The point of checking these resources is to begin an honest dialogue. The next step in that dialogue is a free consultation. Most of your success will depend on a few key factors, including your choice of applicator, our treatment plan, your massage, and other medical advice. If we work together, you should feel inspired and certain about what you will be achieving with our program, and how to ensure success.

Financing Available| PeakBody

CoolSculpting is Affordable

In order to come up with an estimate for our services, there are three questions we ask of you during our consultation:

  • What area(s) do you want to address?
  • How much fat do you have in those areas?
  • How much fat would you like to remove from each area?

Our physical examination will enable us to determine how much fat you have in each area of treatment. Our accurate assessment ensures our accurate pricing, which is critical for building trust with our patients. Too many of our competitors make promises to their customers that they cannot keep; we would rather be up front and honest about what we will need to do in order to help you achieve your CoolSculpting goals. 

From time to time, our initial consultation will reveal items that may give a patient cause for concern. Sometimes those concerns are related to price, or to risk. That’s why our initial consultation is always free. This is a relatively new technology, and many newcomers have questions. We seek to answer those questions, while completing an evaluation that will enable us to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Why should I choose PeakBody over the Competition?

To ensure success, it is critical that we identify the correct treatment plan and applicator, the correct location for placing the applicator, and provide a proper massage after the procedure. (The massage reduces your fat by an additional 68%.) We also provide two critical instructions for home care that most CoolSculpting providers are completely unaware of. Together, these five factors add up to 70% of your results.

Although we mentioned it earlier, it is critical to remember that not all CoolSculpting clinics know what they are doing. One might compare the procedure with plastic surgery. This procedure will have direct and permanent effects on your body and how people see you. The wrong plastic surgeon can do a lot of damage to a person. But the right one can have a permanent positive impact on the individual’s self image and self esteem. CoolSculpting is no different; you really have to know who to trust with your body. Fortunately, you have come to the right place.

Get the  Peak Promise Guarantee?


PeakBody has formed a strategic partnership with GreenSky and CareCredit to enable our patients to try out this revolutionary procedure. We want you to have access to this service without digging into your savings. PeakBody works with our partners to offer you a variety of payment plans to meet your needs.


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“Within a month my pants fit better, may tummy was flat and I had people ask me if I was losing weight. I recommend CoolSculpting to everyone. Jessica and Melissa are the best of the best.”

Lauren M.

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“The procedure was handled by caring practitioners. I felt right at home and was comfortable the entire time. The Man Cave has all the amenities of home. Professional all the way around for certain. Highly recommended!”

Rick S.