Our Peak Promise™

Peak Promise Guarantee

Worried about investing time and money into a body transformation procedure that might not work for you?

If you’re worried about the time and money it takes to invest in a CoolSculpting body transformation, trust us, you won’t be wasting anything with PeakBody. With our Peak Promise Guarantee™ you’ll have peace of mind and you’ll be able to leave your worries at the door.  

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t believe in hi-tech treatments – the ones that promise to remove fat, but you’re not really sure where the fat ends up – we understand and we’ve got some important information for you! We’ll help you answer all of your questions and talk you through any concerns. Just call us for an initial consultation where you can ask any question you have about CoolSculpting treatment and how it can work for you. 

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that is backed by two things: 1) science and 2) the Peak Promise Guarantee™, which takes the success of your treatment one step further, alleviating any fears you have and replacing them with the utmost confidence.

How does the Peak Promise Guarantee™ work?

Although it’s uncommon, if four months after your procedure you’re still at your original weight and we aren’t seeing a visible reduction in fat (based on the before and after photos we took of you), we’ll schedule you in for an appointment a month later. 

When we bring you in a month later (five months after your initial procedure) we’ll take some photos and compare them to all of the photos we took of you in previous meetings. If we still don’t see any change in your body, we’ll retreat you for FREE! Now, that’s not just a guarantee – it’s the Peak Promise Guarantee™.

Why do we wait five months? 

We wait five months because every “body” is different and some people take a little bit longer to get rid of fat cells. That’s why we monitor our clients for a full 5 months – to ensure that we’re getting the results we anticipated. If we don’t get the results we anticipated, we give you the free treatment to show you our commitment. Keep in mind, these results aren’t common – most people love their treatment and begin showing results at a normal time.

Is PeakBody the ONLY one to offer you a Peak Promise Guarantee™?

Keep in mind, we’re the ONLY provider in Westchester to offer you a guarantee this thorough. Why do we offer this guarantee? Because we stand behind our technology and the results we get for our clients. And to show you how transparent we are, we discuss all of our policies and guarantees openly at your initial consultation. 

Want to get rid of stubborn fat once and for all? Reshape and transform your body with one of our CoolSculpting treatment plans. We tailor-make customized plans for each client based on YOUR goals, YOUR body and YOUR budget. People love our treatments and the ambiance of our office so much they decide to read, check their email, watch a show on Netflix, and even take a nap, when they’re with us.