Financing Available

Financing Available

Many of those who come to us are excited for CoolSculpting and for the changes it will produce on their body and they also need options when it comes to paying for the investment. We totally understand. This is why PeakBody has partnered with GreenSky Patient Solutions, a great financing company that has a strong relationship with CoolSculpting. We offer a variety of plans depending on your treatment plan and financing needs.

When you come in for a free consult, we will chat about CoolSculpting, ensure you are an ideal candidate, map out a treatment plan, show you PeakBody client before and after photos so you can see what CoolSculpting can do for you, talk about your investment, and see what makes sense financially if you decide to freeze.

Our team can walk you through all the options and plans. The BEST news, you can fill out a short form to be pre-qualified, which is only a soft hit to your credit, so you can have complete transparency about your monthly payments and options. Read More.

CoolSculpting is an investment in you, your confidence and happiness, and one we strongly believe is more than worth it. After doing over 22,000 treatments, it’s clearer every day that the effects of unwanted fat on people’s daily lives are real and frustrating and can negatively impact almost every area of someone’s life.

We love that our clients can find a solution to diet and exercise-resistant fat through a safe, effective, FDA-cleared, and non-invasive fat freezing technology. Although our clients come to us with particular body part frustrations, the emotions that result, almost always fall into the same buckets. Loss of confidence, embarrassment, diminished self-perception, frustration, anger, demotivation, apathy, and flat out disbelief that they are unable to alter their body through diet and exercise efforts. You’re not alone, aging, hormones, and a slew of other factors can stop you from successfully changing your body through your own efforts- and it’s ok to get outside help!

CoolSculpting can truly remove the gap between the body you have and the one you want! Peak Body trusts in the technology and our team so much, that we offer a Beautiful Results Promise(TM) that way you can feel confident when you invest your hard-earned money in fat reduction, you’ll see the anticipated change on your body.

Can I use financing for CoolSculpting?

Have Questions About CoolSculpting?

Contact our team to learn more about the technology and what to expect before, during, and after treatment.


PeakBody has formed a strategic partnership with GreenSky and CareCredit to enable our patients to try out this revolutionary procedure. We want you to have access to this service without digging into your savings. PeakBody works with our partners to offer you a variety of payment plans to meet your needs.


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“Within a month my pants fit better, my tummy was flat and I had people ask me if I was losing weight. I recommend CoolSculpting to everyone. Jessica and Melissa are the best of the best.”

Lauren M.

testimonials peak body

“The procedure was handled by caring practitioners. I felt right at home and was comfortable the entire time. The Man Cave has all the amenities of home. Professional all the way around for certain. Highly recommended!”

Rick S.