What’s the Difference: CoolSculpting vs EmSculpt Neo

Fighting the battle of the bulge is no fun. The struggle is real and it’s filled with endless crunches and squats. Restrictive eating and cutting calories leaves you feeling like you’ll see results. Yet, stubborn pockets of fat remain. The belly, thighs, arms, buttocks – these are all places where stubborn diet and exercise resistant fat is found. 

Years ago the only way to remove this type of fat was surgically, through liposuction. Now there are noninvasive, nonsurgical treatments that bring you to your body goals quickly, without surgery. CoolSculpting and EmSculpt Neo are two nonsurgical treatments. In this article we’re going to compare them. If you’ve been looking for more information about CoolSculpting or EmSculpt Neo, read on! 

Basics of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive, nonsurgical method for reducing body fat with the use of controlled cooling. Using a special wand, your CoolSculpting technician will isolate subcutaneous fat cells, then freeze and kill them in a process known as cryolipolysis. Once the fat cells are frozen and destroyed they get naturally excreted from the body, this is a process called apoptosis. Once the fat cells are gone they don’t grow back. This treatment gets rid of stubborn bulges permanently – and they’ll never come back around! This process doesn’t harm the skin or tissue – it only kills the fat. CoolSculpting is based on the fact that fat freezes at a lower temperature than other tissues in the body. This is the principle that Harvard University researchers Rox Anderson and Dieter Manstein began developing back in 2010 – that’s when CoolSculpting was born. Now, CoolSculpting is used worldwide as a noninvasive body contouring method – it’s also the #1 body sculpting treatment in the world. 

Basics of EmSculpt Neo 

EmSculpt Neo was approved by the FDA as a noninvasive, nonsurgical body contouring treatment. This treatment differs with other body contouring techniques on the market because, in addition to killing fat cells, EmSculpt Neo uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to build and tone muscle at the same time. EmSculpt Neo is said to be a better and more improved product than regular EmSculpt. During a treatment session radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy zone in on visceral fat cells, which are located deep within the fat layer. The fat cells are damaged and broken permanently. The treatment is said to be the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches or squats in one session. During the procedure, many EmSculpt Neo patients report warmth at the target zone. They also report having muscle contractions, or something that feels like it. Overall, most patients say EmSculpt Neo is painless. 

How are they Similar: CoolSculpting vs EmSculpt Neo

First of all, both treatments were approved by the FDA; meaning, the FDA deemed both of the technologies safe and effective for body fat removal. The other thing that CoolSculpting and EmSculpt Neo have in common is that both methods are noninvasive and nonsurgical; so, unlike liposuction, no incision or anesthesia are needed. The fact that both are noninvasive also means that they both have relatively no downtime. Most CoolSculpting patients report going right back to work after their treatment. 

Another thing both methods have in common is the amount of time the sessions last. Both procedures last half an hour or longer. Another commonality is that both treatments deliver basically the same results. With CoolSculpting or with EmSculpt Neo, total fat reduction is around 25%-30%. And with both, once the fat is gone it’s gone forever. 

One way these treatments differ is with how many treatments are needed to see results. With CoolSculpting, some patients decide to target a zone on their body with CoolSculpting once, some go for twice. This depends on the individual needs of the patient. With EmSculpt Neo, a patient will get their desired result after four sessions. In other words, compared to CoolSculpting, EmSculpt Neo takes a bit longer to deliver results.

How do you maintain long term body sculpting results?

For CoolSculpting or EmSculpt Neo the answer to this question is exactly the same. To achieve long lasting results after your body contouring treatment the best thing to do is eat right and exercise. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle post treatment is incredibly important for seeing a successful outcome. So, what is a healthy lifestyle like? Generally we say to eat a diet that’s rich in protein and full of whole foods like fruits and veggies.  Drinking water and green tea is also an excellent way to flush out the body, not only post treatment but also throughout your life in general. Reduce your stress levels – find ways to combat stressors you have; yoga is excellent for stress. Exercise is a very important component in maintaining results. And lastly, get a good night’s sleep, everynight. 

Overall: CoolSculpting vs EmSculpt Neo 

With everything laid out we say that CoolSculpting is the better treatment. Why? CoolSculpting is more versatile. With CoolSculpting you can treat areas all over the body. With EmSculpt Neo you can’t – it’s only the abdomen and buttocks. But that’s not all. Our biggest reason for preferring CoolSculpting is that it’s been around longer. It was approved by the FDA many years ago and, because of that, more is known about the technology. So, while CoolSculpting is cutting edge, offering up new target areas often, it’s also a technology that has been around for a while. Certain practitioners are well-acquainted with the technology and work with one of them to get the best of what CoolSculpting has to offer. This brings us to perhaps the best reason: We, at PeakBody CoolSculpting are Westchester’s #1 providers. Next we’ll tell you a little about us.

Why choose CoolSculpting? 

We feel the best choice between CoolSculpting and EmSculpt Neo is CoolSculpting and that’s because at PeakBody, CoolSculpting is all we do. We believe in the technology we provide because we’ve seen the results first hand – and not only the results of our clients; so many of our technicians and staff members have personally undergone CoolSculpting procedures. We think this fact puts us in a unique position to offer advice and insight on a treatment we know in and out. 

For many of our clients, the decision to CoolSculpt is the first decision they make toward a happier, healthier and more productive them. And we hope that you decide to take the CoolSculpting journey with us. At PeakBody, we go beyond being a “good” CoolSculpting center – we are great. We are the best at what we do. Our goal is to give you the body transformation you desire while at the same time pampering you and providing you with an unparalleled experience you’ll always remember. 

Call us for a consultation and we’ll walk you through the steps of creating your personalized treatment plan. Every step of the way we’ll treat you with professionalism, care and respect  – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. At PeakBody, we transform lives one fat cell at a time.