Pros and Cons of EmSculpt Neo

coolsulpting treatmentIf you’re looking to blast unwanted fat and get the body of dreams you may have figured out that a nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure is a good way to go. Who has time for surgical downtime? Many people don’t. Many people look for treatments with a quick turnaround so they don’t have to miss other things in their life – but this wasn’t always possible. In the past, surgery, ie) liposuction was the only way to get rid of stubborn fat. Now people have a variety of options. EmSculpt Neo is one such option. It is a body sculpting procedure that eliminates fat and builds muscle at the same exact time. It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, EmSculpt, which uses radiofrequency and high intensity electromagnetic energy to kill subcutaneous fat cells and at the same time tone muscle. In this article we’ll outline all of the Pros and Cons of EmSculpt Neo. 

Basics of EmSculpt Neo 

consultationThis procedure was approved by the FDA to nonsurgically and noninvasively contour the body with the help of HIFEM technology, which is an intensive electromagnetic technology that kills off body fat while, at the same time, building muscle. EmSculpt Neo is even more efficient than EmSculpt, which came before it. During a half an hour procedure the patient’s muscles contract up to 24,000 times. In other words, with EmSculpt Neo, a week or more of a patient’s gymtime gets condensed into one half an hour session. But unlike with normal gymtime, these contractions are induced by HIFEM, and, therefore do not include a phase of relaxation. That makes these contractions even more effective than regular exercise. The enhanced adrenaline the body experiences from these supramaximal muscle contractions cause the fat cells to die off in a process known as lipolysis

What sets EmSculpt Neo apart from other body contouring methods? It builds muscle while it’s killing fat – no other procedure does this. And the thing that sets EmSculpt Neo apart from EmSculpt is that it goes even further, but we’ll talk about that next. 

What’s the Difference: EmSculpt Neo vs EmSculpt 

EmSculpt Neo is the next-generation of EmSculpt, allowing for even more fat burning and muscle toning to occur because of added radiofrequency (RF) energy. EmSculpt Neo was launched in 2020, so it’s a relatively new technology.  

EmSculpt Neo: What are the Pros?

  • The biggest benefit of EmSculpt Neo is that there is no downtime. And that’s because the procedure is noninvasive and nonsurgical. That means there’s no long waiting period to get back to life after the procedure is done. There’s no excessive soreness or special healing to stop you from continuing your life. This is the same benefit you’ll get from CoolSculpting and any of the other noninvasive, nonsurgical body contouring methods out there today. 
  • Another bigtime pro (and this one is true for EmSculpt Neo, EmSculpt, CoolSculpting and any other noninvasive body sculpting treatment) is that the sessions are short. In many cases you can go into the office on your lunch break, have the procedure done and finish out your day at work. An EmSculpt Neo treatment could last for around half an hour – so no matter what time of day you go in, you’ll still have the rest of the day to go about your business. 
  • Another benefit of EmSculpt Neo – and the thing that sets it apart from other body sculpting procedures – is that it builds muscle tone while it burns fat. It does this through HIFEM in the same way as EmSculpt. 
  • EmSculpt Neo is a great alternative to liposuction. We all know that liposuction is the gold standard when it comes to fat removal. But the problem with liposuction is that it requires surgery. For some people unnecessary surgery is something to be avoided. It entails downtime, incisions, anesthesia. Wanting to avoid surgery is understandable, especially because nonsurgical options are available and effective. EmSculpt Neo is great for people who are willing to wait a little longer to see results when compared to liposuction. The tradeoff for their patience is that they don’t have to deal with the pain and hassle associated with surgery. 

EmSculpt Neo: What are the Cons? 

  • EmSculpt Neo is intense, even more intense than EmSculpt. It is akin to fitting more than a week’s workouts in one session. Some people who’ve done an EmSculpt Neo treatment say they feel sore during and after – but like with any fat reduction treatment, these side effects are temporary and go away after a day or so. 

In the end we feel the best choice between CoolSculpting and EmSculpt Neo is CoolSculpting and that’s because we know all of the benefits you’ll get with a CoolSculpting treatment.

  • CoolSculpting was developed by Harvard University researchers in 2010. It’s been around for a long time and it’s a trusted source of body contouring technology. 
  • CoolSculpting is the #1 treatment worldwide! That’s right, people all over the world use CoolSculpting to bust stubborn body fat. 
  • CoolSculpting treatments can be done in just one session. This is going to depend on the individual’s goals and what they want to see out of their treatment. Most patients decide to go for one treatment or two treatments. 

Introducing Peak Body CoolSculpting  

We’re PeakBody CoolSculpting and we believe in the technology we provide because we’ve seen the results first hand. We’re not just talking about the results of our clients – so many of our technicians and staff members have personally undergone CoolSculpting procedures. We think this fact puts us in a unique position to offer advice and insight on a treatment we know and love  in and out. 

For many of our clients, the decision to CoolSculpt is the first decision they make toward a happier, healthier and more productive them. And we hope that you decide to take the CoolSculpting journey with us. At PeakBody, we go beyond being a “good” CoolSculpting center – we are great. We are the best at what we do. Our goal is to give you the body transformation you desire while at the same time pampering you and providing you with an unparalleled experience you’ll always remember. 

Call us for a consultation and we’ll walk you through the steps of creating your personalized treatment plan. Every step of the way we’ll treat you with professionalism, care and respect  – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. At PeakBody, we transform lives one fat cell at a time.