What’s the difference: CoolSculpting Vs. Zerona

When traditional diet and exercise won’t work to get rid of stubborn body fat, men and women all over the planet seek alternative treatment. In the United States alone, more than 5-million cosmetic procedures are performed each and every year; and worldwide it’s estimated that more than 10-million minimally invasive procedures are performed. The best part is, not all of these treatments involve surgery.

Zerona and CoolSculpting are two popular procedures –  and they’re both trending as non-invasive ways to contour and sculpt the body. One is a form of laser fat reduction (Zerona) and one is Cryolipolis (CoolSculpting).

If you’re in need of unwanted-body-fat-intervention, it may behove you to consider these non-invasive cosmetic treatments. And, at the end of the day, if you’re looking to remove body fat, you’ll want it gone forever. That’s why, in the end, we hope to help you figure out which of these procedures is the most effective for you and your goals – and, hopefully, we can end the debate, once and for all, over which is the best procedure and which removes fat permanently. 

The Basics of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting uses cooling technology to freeze and get rid of unwanted fat. This is how it works: Years back, scientists recognized that fat freezes at a cooler temperature than other tissues in the body. This allows CoolSculpting technology to freeze fat cells, but not harm other tissues. During a CoolSculpting procedure, targeted fat cells die once the right temperature is hit. In time, the patient will naturally eliminate the frozen, dead fat cells. And once those fat cells are excreted, they’re gone forever. That’s right, this is a way to permanently remove unwanted stubborn fat from the body. Plus, CoolSculpting is done in a targeted way, meaning wherever you want the fat gone, it’ll be frozen off, never to grow back. The end result occurs with the patient attaining a sleeker, sexier, more attractive look. No surgery is required for this procedure and the downtime is nearly nonexistent – many patients even report going back to work later the same day. 

The Basics of Zerona

Zerona was created by Erchonia and is a non-invasive fat loss procedure. This treatment is thought to be safe; it was also clinically tested and market-cleared by the FDA to target and treat the full body. 

The technology Zerona uses is called low-level laser technology or LLLT; it’s also called “cold laser”. It works by aiming six lasers at an area with excessive fat deposits and then stimulating and emulsifying the targeted fat cells. The fat cells are then shrunk, instead of killed. Zerona’s method is to disrupt the fat cell and take advantage of the weakness. Excess fatty tissue is then drained out by the body’s lymphatic system. With newly-shrunken fat cells, Zerona patients look slimmer. The problem with this method is that because the fat cells are shrunk instead of killed, they can grow back. This leads to multiple Zerona sessions in order to achieve a desired result – therefore losing the efficiency of a quick and easy non-invasive treatment. 

How are CoolSculpting & Zerona similar?

Zerona and CoolSculpting, in many ways, are similar procedures. Both treatments are performed from above-the-skin – that means nobody has to cut into your skin to achieve a desired result. Both target body fat that traditional diet and exercise weren’t helping. At the same time, both of these procedures often kickoff a new, healthier lifestyle for the patient – and that’s because maintaining a healthy body is about diet and exercise, not just fat removal. 

Both are alternatives for those who don’t want to undergo invasive surgical procedures like liposuction. Neither treatment requires anesthesia, incisions, or an operating table. Recovery time is short for CoolSculpting and Zerona; an appointment can be easy and quick. But, as we mentioned before, Zerona may require multiple procedures, while CoolSculpting can be done once, twice or however many times you want. 

These treatments can work for both men and women. They’ve each been clinically tested. And for each, the result is a slimmer, more contoured body and a reduction in fat within a targeted zone. 

How are CoolSculpting & Zerona different?

Although Zerona and CoolSculpting are alike in ways, some things set them apart. The main difference is in how they rid the body of fat.

Zerona uses LLLT, also known as cold laser technology to shrink fat cells. With Zerona, the fat cells shrink and lose their tissue, but they remain there and they don’t die. Here’s the bottom line: Zerona is not a proven method for permanent fat reduction. Although patients report reduced fat, the method simply can’t eliminate fat the way CoolSculpting technology can. 

You need to ask yourself, are you ok with a short-term fat reduction fix? Or do you want a result that lasts forever? 

With CoolSculpting, a device targets specific areas of the body and applies cold temperatures, which freezes and crystallizes fat cells that die off and are naturally excreted from the body. Before the fat cells are excreted, the target area is massaged to break up the crystallized cells. This helps the body flush the dead cells naturally, over time. In the end all of the fat is gone and it doesn’t ever grow back. Once the fat is flushed out naturally, it is flushed out forever. 

Why CoolSculpting is better than Zerona 

  • Coolsculpting is a long-term, permanent way to non-invasively remove stubborn fat from the body; Zerona doesn’t kill fat, it only shrinks it and therefore the fat can grow and go back to the way it was, pre-treatment. 
  • CoolSculpting is quick and easy. Some patients decide to go for one treatment, some opt for more. On the other hand, Zerona never fully achieves the fat removal CoolSculpting can, and patients require more visits for less-adequate results. So much for a quick non-invasive procedure!
  • CoolSculpting is known by patients to be comfortable – so comfortable, infact, that clients read or watch tv during their treatment.

Why choose CoolSculpting? 

We feel the best choice between CoolSculpting and Zerona is CoolSculpting and that’s because at PeakBody, CoolSculpting is all we do. We believe in the technology we provide because we’ve seen the results first hand – and not only the results of our clients; so many of our technicians and staff members have personally undergone CoolSculpting procedures. We think this fact puts us in a unique position to offer advice and insight on a treatment we know in and out. 

For many of our clients, the decision to CoolSculpt is the first decision they make toward a happier, healthier and more productive them. And we hope that you decide to take the CoolSculpting journey with us. At PeakBody, we go beyond being a “good” CoolSculpting center – we are great. We are the best at what we do. Our goal is to give you the body transformation you desire while at the same time pampering you and providing you with an unparalleled experience you’ll always remember. 

Call us for a consultation and we’ll walk you through the steps of creating your personalized treatment plan. Every step of the way we’ll treat you with professionalism, care and respect  – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. At PeakBody, we transform lives one fat cell at a time.